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Ensuring your maintenance systems meet Regulatory Standards and Guidelines

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FMEA / FMECA  (Failure Modes Effects Criticality Analysis)

Maintenance Management

RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance)

  • Planning strategies to optimise the ratio between maintenance cost and cost to failure
  • Evaluate if your current planned maintenance is appropriate and determine optimum maintenance intervals
  • Increase your plant productivity.
  • Reliability Centred Management

Maintenance Procedures

Criticality Analysis & Asset Risk Categorisation

Asset Register/Equipment Register/Functional Location Structure

RCA (Root Cause Analysis)

  • A systematic and diagnostic approach to identify the root cause of asset failures.
  • Implement results and modify existing maintenance strategies to prevent repetitive failures.
  • Root Cause Analysis Cartoon
  • RCA Templates

Maintenance Auditing/Gap Analysis

Work Pack Development

  • Assists in improving safety record
  • Assist maintainers in preparation and execution of specific tasks
  • Assists in identifying risks
  • Assists in reducing risks
  • Aids quality control.
  • Sample Work Pack

Lubrication Schedule Development

  • Development of site lubrication schedules (incl. oil, grease & coolant) for effective management of lubricant requirements
  • Sample Lubrication Schedule

Operational Readiness

  • Operational analysis and workflow design review
  • Identify opportunities to optimise efficiency and ensure goals can be met.
  • Operational Readiness

Life Cycle Costing

  • Assess total costs generated by equipment or a system throughout the projected equipment life
  • Used as an option comparison to ensure best use at lowest cost
  • Looks at physical asset, extent of operating environment, cost of operating the equipment, parts and labour costing.
  • NICAS Life Cycle Costing


  • Strategic management benchmarking audits against industry leaders and similar businesses
  • Identify potential areas for improvement in methods, practices and processes to achieve maximised quality, time and cost
  • Benchmarking
  • NICAS Benchmarking Graphic

Technical Documentation

Cataloguing Spare Parts & Creation of APL’s /BOM’s 

Maintenance Personnel

  • Project management personnel available for short term and major long term projects
  • Personnel Pix

Tilos7 Linear Project Planning


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